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 The original Race Ready Cutout
 what makes race ready the best?  mouse-over to see the features
The patriot series  what makes race ready the best?  mouse-over to see the features

When it’s time to race, don’t waste time unbolting your exhaust dump covers! Install a set of Race Ready Performance electric exhaust cutouts and you’re ready to race at the flick of a switch. Race Ready Performance is the premier manufacturer of electric exhaust cutouts and make for the perfect exhaust upgrade on any car or truck. Our cutouts come in every size for any exhaust system single or dual, install some today and take your car from stock sound to RACE READY LOUD! Call or email and get RACE READY today
2.5" Dimensions 3.0" Dimensions 3.5" Dimensions Wireless
Instructions Cutout Install
Instructions 5.0" Dimensions Patriot Series Patriot Series
Motor / cover
I f I t ' s T o o L o u d Y o u ' r e T o o O l D !!!

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